World leading system critical electronics for harsh environments


The Industrial Electronics market

C-MAC has an established reputation in providing high reliability product electronic solutions to many of the global OEMs within the Industrial market. The diversity of end applications within the Industrial (and Medical) market requires that C-MAC is able to access a broad range of technologies and capabilities to realise the customer’s product expectations in terms of quality, performance and reliability.  C-MAC’s emphasis on dedicated program management ensures that the most cost effective product solution is achieved, whilst ensuring that the customer specific requirements are completely fulfilled.

Within the global Industrial market, C-MAC provides specialised high reliability electronics solutions, for product programs outsourced by the OEMs, in what is typically, a highly captive market. C-MAC’s technology offering covers a wide range of Industrial application packaging solutions from Sensors and LED lighting to Power Generation and Drives & Motor controls.  C-MAC’s technology capabilities extend also very effectively into the Medical Device manufacturing sector where rising population age and increasing electronic content are driving the growth of new end product applications. The trend towards outsourcing within the global Industrial electronics market is growing steadily and C-MAC currently addresses new electronic applications development across the major market sectors of :

                                 Automation & Controls
                                 Test & Measurement
                                 Medical Devices 

C-MAC’s breadth of technology offering and proven ability to deliver high reliability product solutions to our customers, enables C-MAC to continue to grow its presence in this large and dynamic, global Industrial marketplace.