World leading system critical electronics for harsh environments

Quality Policy

C-MAC is committed to :

  • a total quality management (TQM) philosophy based on the international standards to which our sites are approved

  • providing competitive, error free products and services on time, by adopting a process-based model for continuous  improvement of the quality management system

  •  maintaining product integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements

  •  exceeding the expectations of our customers, and so

  •  achieving total customer satisfaction.

We operate a highly comprehensive product test and verification system throughout our manufacturing processes, including in-depth performance assessment and assurance across our diverse product range.

From the initial product inception stage, we carry out extensive prototype testing and design proving, using leading-edge tools and techniques such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), mistake proofing and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis).
The materials used in all our products are specified and verified rigorously prior to their release for manufacture. We also assess the performance of our own supply chain as a matter of routine. We perform extensive in-line assessments that comprise several levels of ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) as well as targeted SPC (Statistical Process Control) on critical processes. After final assembly, all products undergo comprehensive functional testing to either our own or customer specifications, over a specified temperature range if appropriate.

Our sites have certifications to ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 14001