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Direct Bond Copper assembly

Direct bonded copper (DBC) substrates have become the most important electronic circuit boards for multichip power semiconductor modules.

The basis of a DBC substrate is a ceramic isolator to which  a  thick copper layer (200 -600 µm) is applied. It produces ceramic substrates with high heat conductivity, high temperature resistance, high isolation voltage, and high heat spreading.

Ceramic materials used in DBC include:
• Alumina (Al2O3), which is widely used because of its low cost and good thermal conductivity (24 W/mK).
• Aluminum nitride (AlN), which is more expensive, but has a better thermal performance (> 170 W/mK).

The coefficient of thermal expansion of Al2O3 (7.1 ppm/K) and AlN (4.7 ppm/K) is close to that of silicon (4 ppm/K). Therefore, DBC is suitable for robust packaging of bare dice since such assemblies will have a long product life. The layout is customized in a way similar to PCB. Special features to enhance the thermal cycling performance can be applied.

C-MAC is specialized in the fabrication of power assemblies based on DBC substrates. It offers a state-of-the art highly automated production process including 3D solder inspection, pick & place of components and bare dice, vacuum reflow with and without flux, AOI/AXI, cleaning, wire bonding and electrical test.

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