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LED Assembly and Sensor packaging

LED lighting:

C-MAC has extensive experience supporting its customers with ceramic-based solutions for LED lighting. In many applications where electronic circuit space is restricted and heat has to be removed, ceramic solutions have much to offer.

Ceramic substrates combine a series of strengths that make ceramic technology THE preferred choice for many LED applications

- much better heat dissipation on Alumina [Al2O3] or Aluminium Nitride [AlN] ceramic base materials than on standard glass-reinforced epoxy laminates (e.g. FR4, FR5)
- stable thermal management to ensure uniform heat transfer and optimal performance of high power, high brightness LEDs
- direct surface application using established, high density packaging thick film printed circuitry and conventional SMT processes
- close matching of thermal coefficient of expansion [TCE] between the bare LED die and the ceramic substrate
- good reflectivity of the base material itself – e.g. white Alumina
- excellent electrical isolation of ceramics in high voltage requirements (~10kV/mm)
- very robust against environmental stress (gases, vibration, high temperatures), achieves long term stability of the application
- complex circuits with multi-layer e.g. control and power circuitry can be implemented on the same board
- population processes beyond conventional standard PCB with bare die interconnect technology options for power and control devices
- very cost competitive to special PCB solutions designed to overcome the thermal management limitations of glass-reinforced epoxy laminates

Our customers have power LED solutions established in the market based on C-MAC substrate designs since several years.  Several millions of units are in the market already.

LED lighting market sector applications include:

- Domestic & Commerical 
- Automotive Vehicle
- Aerospace & Defence
- Industrial Equipment 
- Medical Diagnostic Equipment
- UV and other select wavelengths

C-MAC ceramic solutions cover a very broad spectrum of LED applications; from simple metallised substrates to complex water-cooled modules integrating hundreds of bare die LEDs.

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