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Thick film ceramic / metals

C-MAC is one of the pioneers in thick film technology and started screen printing in 1965. As a standard 96% Al2O3 (known as alumina) substrates in different thickness and size are used, but alternatives like AlN or metal are possible. Conductors are made of Ag, Au, Pt, Pd and alloys of these metals.

C-MAC offers a broad range of technical options like metallized through holes, multilayer, fine line, thick silver, printed resistors etc. The highly automated production lines are installed in a clean room and can handle volumes from a few hundred to millions per year.

Thick film technology is known for its high reliability and stability, excellent power handling, high packing density and high temperature capability. It is well suited for the integration of analogue, digital and power electronics on the same substrate.

Electrical circuit layers including conductors and insulators are printed automatically on a ceramic substrate and fired in special furnaces. The printed resistor’s electrical resistance and the substrate’s shape are customised to the module requirements by laser trimming and scribing.

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