World leading system critical electronics for harsh environments

Who we are

Leading independent provider for microelectronic solutions applied in harsh environments

C-MAC is a leading independent provider for complex, high reliability electronics and system assemblies for harsh conditions including high temperature and extremes of vibration and humidity environments. A broad range of material competencies and process technologies enables C-MAC to provide customized solutions to support the development of new product applications. Full breadth of power handling capabilities from low-power, printed circuit board assemblies, medium power, printed ceramic circuits to high power, direct copper bonded circuits , enables C-MAC to address the full spectrum of electronic circuit requirements for any end application in its chosen markets.

Covering the entire value chain from design & development engineering to assembly and testing

C-MAC covers the entire value chain including design and development engineering, selection of specialized substrate technologies, surface mount processes, modular assembly and testing services. Our proven “One-stop-shop”- concept is closely aligned to customer and product requirements based on proprietary know-how accumulated over decades and robust, efficient project management.Our customers benefit from one single point of contact for all needs throughout the product lifecycle, reducing coordination efforts significantly while shortening lead times and increasing flexibility.

Long-lasting and closely-woven partnerships with our blue-chip customer base and a reputation as a technology and quality leader

Most of our clients are leading blue-chips in their respective industries. C-MAC enjoys well-established and longstanding customer relationships with many of them going back for decades. Long term contracts, recurring business for years and customer co-investments in CAPEX demonstrate the importance of relationships and need of specialized high quality solutions provided.Due to our strong heritage of excellent material, process and engineering development expertise, we are considered as the partner of choice for system critical solutions.

Comprehensive technology driven microelectronics solutions for a broad variety of markets including the Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial sectors

We offer a broad range of custom-tailored, application specific and system-critical solutions applicable in a broad variety of industries with similar functional requirements (e.g. high reliability, high integration, high performance).We leverage our unique breadth of material and process experiences gained over decades to be responsive to a multitude of customers in high growth end-markets and industry-verticals. Our unique technical and engineering know-how, especially in advanced microelectronic core technology solutions, provided to high quality markets such as the automotive industry, can be easily translated to other industries and new applications.